Month: November 2022

Why Article Spinning Software Is A Complete Waste Of Time

Technology ArticlesGoogle has since obtained over 720,000 removal requests and accepted about forty three {08978250de097dd164fa9262a48d5a334d5c272788a0dd489498d1e8eb6448d2} of them, based on its transparency report.

You may put your spinner where your mouth is and see if you will get a larger percentage of the first page of Google results for the time period ‘Article Spinning’ than I do. If you truly look by the five pages in G you will note the references. You will know which of them are mine, they start at positions 1, 2 and 3. Yahoo has an identical outcome for the key phrase phrase. Technology is expensive – barely any schools can permit themselves to buy useful devices that can be used for educating functions.

Spinners will never work. Robots will never spin phrases as efficiently, eloquently, or as understandably as a human can. The result is, as you each note, lecturers engaged in meaningless nit-picking about issues …

Why new businesses are using more nTLDs

Back in the day when gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) were in vogue, businesses would buy .COMs, .NETs and .ORGs in bulk. The reason to buy them together was that a company would have a different site for their commercial website, a different one for their organizational information, and a different one for internal affairs. Most companies took this approach, but with time as newer businesses emerged, the providers started sensing a need that new businesses will need new domains so that these businesses could show a more relevant, fresh, and consolidated identity of their brand name through their domain names. 

Today, you will see that new businesses have new Top Level Domains like .TECH, .IO or even .ONLINE and many more. This is because the nature of the business is evolving and so are the ways of doing business. For some businesses having a .IOmakes more sense than a .COM …